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We levelled up!

Aktualisiert: 30. Mai 2022

With our upgrade to S1, we have now ventured into more diverse research dimensions!

As our first endeavor, we were pleased to resurrect our stocks of transformed E. Coli to their new homes and provide them their niches to grow and amplify after months in the freezing tundra of -80o C freezers. Though only wise people know that their freedom to be un-frozen is often short lived!

If you enter our labs now, the first wafts to meet your nose will be a mixture of melted Agar, Ethanol and LB medium. And you can see white coat clad people jutting over one very noisy hood busy in streaking, platting, culturing and re-culturing cells (With occasional expressions of exasperations).

Beware! this is not a place you want to put your stuffs in lest you want to take few of our teeny-tiny friends with you ;)


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