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A leap forward in ophthalmological research: the Rauischholzhausen retreat

In the field of ophthalmology, where experimental research is a precious rarity in Germany, the recent meeting at the enchanting Rauischholzhausen Castle represents a significant milestone. It is a field that requires not only precision and innovation, but also - and perhaps more importantly - collaboration. This meeting was an example of the spirit of cooperation between the universities of Giessen and Marburg, both of which are active in experimental ophthalmology.


For two days, we met on an intellectual journey exploring the complexities of DNA editing, the complement system, rare hereditary eye diseases and the physiology of vision. The retreat was not just a meeting, but a coming together of ideas, a symposium where knowledge was shared freely and enthusiastically. From Masters students to MD and PhD students in medicine and biology to experienced scientists, each participant had the opportunity to present their work, shine and contribute to the collective wisdom.


The inclusion of clinical working groups, particularly physicians from the eye clinics in Giessen and Marburg, added a valuable dimension to the discussions. It emphasized the holistic approach of the retreat, bridging the gap between experimental research and clinical application. The synergy of academic research and clinical findings enriches our understanding and increases the potential for practical applications.


For me personally, the retreat was an eye-opener in more ways than one. The prospect that genome editing could revolutionize our research, especially in collaboration with our colleagues in Giessen, is an exciting prospect for me. The possibility of incorporating our complement antibodies into various mouse projects is another avenue I would like to explore. The interest shown by the Giessen hospital in supporting our CAMbio study is also proof of the productive potential of collaborations.


The retreat was not only about serious scientific discussions, but also provided space for fun moments and camaraderie. While our triumph in the Mario Kart game was a playful highlight, it symbolizes the competitive yet collegial spirit that drives us. It's a reminder that in science, as in life, a balance between dedication and fun is key to sustaining our passion and creativity.


As we look back on this productive meeting, we feel encouraged by the certainty that it will continue. The prospect of future meetings fills us with anticipation, not only for the scientific discussions that will advance our field, but also for the lasting relationships and collaborations that are the true engines of innovation.


In summary, the meeting in Rauischholzhausen reminded us that in the world of science, collaboration and a willingness to learn from each other are among the most valuable assets.



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