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The Power of Early Findings: Master Students Lead the Way in Antibody Research

In the field of scientific research, early results are often forgotten, even though they hold immense potential for shaping ongoing projects. This truth was vividly demonstrated by the wonderful work of Antonia and Jasmin, two Master students participating in an advanced module within our research group.

Their deep dive into our 'antibody treasure chest' was a journey of meticulous exploration and analysis. The duo took on the daunting task of testing our entire collection of anti-C3 antibodies, as well as a variety of antibodies against the FH family of proteins. Their rigorous testing, which involved numerous Western blots, was aimed at verifying the specificity of these antibodies and ensuring that they recognised exactly what they were supposed to.


Antonia focused on delineating the epitopes of C3 antibodies using C3 cleavage products. At the same time, Jasmin worked on defining the interactions with FH, FHL-1 and FHR proteins, thanks to the contributions of all the SciFiMed partners. This included defining the use of anti-FH family antibodies, many of which were sourced from Sanquin in Amsterdam.


To celebrate and recognise their extensive work, Antonia and Jasmin created posters to illustrate their findings. These were displayed outside our labs and provided an opportunity for presentations and in-depth discussions with our team. Such initiatives not only make science fun, but also highlight the value of internships as a contribution to the collective pool of knowledge.


We look forward to the coming months with Antonia and Jasmin in our lab, where they will use their data for further scientific research. Their journey underlines an important lesson in the scientific community: early research, no matter how overshadowed, can be the foundation for future breakthroughs and innovative solutions.

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