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Niche Expertise and Knowledge Sharing at the International Complement Society Symposium (Immunology 2024, Chicago, USA)

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Everyone is an expert in something - a special skill or knowledge that sets them apart. In the scientific community, we often have niche expertise in certain areas. This makes it all the more important to share that expertise with others, to find common ground and build on it.

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to do just that. I was honored to be invited by the International Complement Society to speak at their symposium during the annual meeting of the American Association of Immunologists (AAI, 06/05/24). This event was not only a professional privilege, but also a testament to the collaborative spirit of the scientific community.

Group picture at the Pre-Conference dinner

At the symposium, together with esteemed colleagues Silvia Guglietta, Markus Bosmann and Hrishikesh Kulkarni, we presented the multiple roles of the complement system in processes such as tumor development, defense against pathogenic worms and functions within the lung. I discussed the complement system specifically in the context of retinal degeneration, emphasizing how it is activated locally in the retina when damage occurs. We observed both extracellular and intracellular activation of complement components, suggesting sophisticated local synthesis and reaction mechanisms in the retina.

I would like to thank Claudia Kemper and Jessy Alxander for the wonderful organization of the symposium and Erin West and Majid Kazemian for their excellent moderation. The trip to Chicago once again underscored the importance of our research. Even though we are in the relatively niche area of eye research with a focus on the complement system, it is clear that we are pioneers.

My colleagues and I in Marburg are experts in our field, and this symposium was a shining example of how our expertise can make a contribution to immunology and ophthalmology. It is always exciting to be part of a community (or even two or three :).


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