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Hanging in the trees - a day for team-building

Aktualisiert: 30. Mai 2022

Team dynamics and team building while hanging in the trees

Hypothesis: Team members will grow fonder by spending fun-time together

Samples: All lab members - Diana, Veronika, Pratiti, Juliane, Aaron, Stella, Hannah

Sample preparation: Give everyone a 1 pizza for lunch to make them happy and energetic for later climbing in the aerial adventure park near Marburg

Experimental procedure:

  1. Evaluate your team dynamics - where are we in Tuckman's phases of team development?

  2. Evaluate general happiness of all individuals - who works on which projects and are you happy with it? If not: find solution

  3. Lunchtime - Pizza for everyone to calm the hangry ones of the team!

  4. Drive to aerial adventure course in Stella's car and Aaron's racing car.

  5. Climb rope courses up in the trees in three different categories: easy, medium, difficult

  6. Devide into pairs so no one climbs alone!

  7. Get blisters, tired armes, adrenaline rushes and a lot of fun.

  8. Drive to the city center and spend the evening together.

  9. Try apple wine sprizz.

Experimental outcome: Success!

We found the main topics that define our group: being a WORK FAMILY and ORGANISED MINDSET.

We found that everyone is in a different team forming phase accoding to Tuckman's model - thank you Diana for explaining this to us.

We found that all team members are although stressed in general happy :)

We found new responsibilities for everyone in the team to make everyone happy.

And we had a great time in the aerial adventure course! Aaron is a real life monkey and climbed both difficult rope courses! Some of us overcame their fear and everyone was proud of them in the end!

It was a great team day!

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