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Glitter & Beyond

We start with poster number 65. Veronika Ehinger will present the EU project SciFiMed on Saturday. Veronika is the project leader of SciFiMed (and of our lab, psssst). Veronika's poster will answer questions like: Who is involved in SciFiMed? What are the goals of SciFiMed? Who will benefit from the project? Will SciFiMed produce products or provide services? How can you collaborate with SciFiMed? (We are especially looking for clinicians with patient cohorts to determine FHR protein family levels and FHR activity.) - You can ask Veronika anything. If she doesn't know the answer, she knows who to ask. Her poster will also give you some insights into SciFiMed-related results that will be shown in other presentations at EMCHD 2022. Meet Veronika and ask her for the great SciFiMed glittering buttons and flyer 😉.

Poster 65 Veronika Ehinger “SciFiMed - Screening of inFlammation to enable personalized Medicine” (Saturday, August 27, 2022)

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