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Fragments & Barriers

Also on Sunday, Hannah Wolf will present her data on poster LBP-22. Hannah is in the second year of her PhD. Together with Juliane she equipped the empty labs in Marburg with instruments, chemicals and all things we needed to get the lab running last year. Hannah is most interested in neurodegenerative diseases and the question how the complement contributes to the leakage of the blood-retina/brain barrier. She will present her and data provided by Larissa Gümpelein's MD thesis. Hannah will show you that the anaphylatoxins C3a and C5a modify the barrier function of well characterized endothelial cells. She will take you into the world of real time impedance measurements as an innovative tool for endothelial research. Hannah is a very open minded and chatty person don`t miss the chance to meet and laugh with her.

Poster LBP-22 Hannah Wolf “C3a-mediated endothelial barrier disruption is attenuated by C5a in neuromyelitis optica” (Sunday, August 28, 2022)

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