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Congratulations to Hannah!

Aktualisiert: 10. Mai

Hannah Wolf, PhD student in our lab, received a poster prize at the 6th Complement Training Course and Symposium of Complement UK.

This course is organized by a collaborative UK network of clinical, research and technological experts with the goal to improve the understanding of complement and related disorders and more rapidly exploit this knowledge for the welfare of patient. Thanks to a more digitized world we were allowed to attend this meeting.

Hannah presented her results of the Master thesis regarding "Anti-retinal antibodies impact retinal physiology in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders". The poster prize committee was impressed by Hannah`s poster and her online presentation. Hannah`s poster was selected out of 26 posters. Hopefully we will publish her results soon. If you are interested to collaborate on this topic just contact us.

We are really proud! Hannah received her first poster prize and the first poster prize in an online conference for our group. We are already curious to see how she will continue with this in her PhD thesis. (No pressure ;))).

Congratulation Hannah! You did a very good job.


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